Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rusyn Sing-along with Jerry Jumba

On  June 24th we concluded our first Rusyn sing-along program with Jerry Jumba.  This 5-week session has been tremendously successful.  In fact, so successful that we have received numerous requests to start a new session.  We have averaged about 12 students at each class.  Jerry, who is an excellent teacher, taught us the Rusyn words and provided corresponding translations, which was a great help.  We were finally able to  sing the Rusyn songs that our ancestors loved so much. We learned not only some very colorful and humorous songs but also some liturgical old-slovanic songs. 

As John Schweich, C-RS trustee, said after he attended one of the sessions:  Aside from the benefit of witnessing a performance of  The Master Musicologist of Rusyn folk music, the sessions allow you to sing (and thereby speak) Rusyn in an anonymous,  "choral" setting without the pain of being stared at , so common in traditional spoken language classes.  Participating in the sing-along allows you experience the pronunciation and lively rhythms of colloquial contemporary Rusyn.

Thanks to all of you who came and made our event so successful.

Written by:  Maryann Sivak (

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