Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rusyn Festivities

Rus'kyj Muzikanty
Photo courtesy of Christina Duranko

On October 16th, the Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural Center came alive with an exciting array of Rusyn activities.  We enjoyed live folk music by Rus'kyj Muzikanty.  There were beautiful Rusyn crafts and entertaining children's activities.  Local Rusyn organizations and independent vendors offered a variety of merchandise.  There were educational and decorative items, books, CDs, DVDs, folk items, jewelry, clothing and more.  Delicious pastries and a variety of Rusyn foods appealed to just about every taste.

Paul Warhola art
A cleverly-designed exhibit featuring the art of Paul Warhola was the centerpiece of the event.  This was complimented by a display of Rusyn folk costumes and paintings of Spiš County in Slovakia.  We were thrilled when Paul Warhola actually stopped by with his wife and daughter for a brief visit.

Exhibit designed by Maria Silvestri
Ted Zatkovich and Connie Ash, children of the first governor of Subcarpathian Rus, gave a moving account of his life.  Gregory Zatkovich was a Pittsburgh attorney who was selected by the Wilson Administration to head the autonomous region at the very creation of Czechoslovakia.   He served for several years before returning to practice law in the US.
Left to right:  Paul Warhola, Connie  Ash, and Ted Zatkovich

Following their presentation we held our annual meeting, which was very informative and brief.

In the evening we hosted a zabava (dance party), learned Rusyn dances, and continued to enjoy good friends, good food, and good bottled water.  And other things.  It was a wonderful way to end the day.  Thank you all for coming.  And for those of you who could not attend, we hope you will join us next October.

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