Friday, March 25, 2011


Last week we began our spring cleaning at the center.  While we may have been a little optimistic about spring's arrival, we did accomplish a few things.  Maybe we should call it "pre-spring" cleaning.

We rented a lift so Jožko could prime and repaint the ceiling.  Burnt out light bulbs were replaced.  The wooden ceiling painting was taken down and stored. 

Now volunteers are needed for the weekend of April 1st (Friday and Saturday).   We have plenty of house keeping to do, both inside and outside the  building.  Inclement weather, therefore, will be no obstacle to your generous contribution of time and labor.  In return, we will offer good conversation, a feeling of pride and accomplishment, and a free lunch.  Did we mention free lunch?  Don't forget the free lunch.

It will be greatly appreciated if someone can donate a lawnmower for the yard.  If possible, we would also like to borrow a pressure washer.  So if anyone has access to this equipment, please let us know.  We promise we will think highly of you for years to come.  Please contact me (Maryann) by email at or by phone at 412-567-3077.

(Written by Maryann Sivak.  Email: