Sunday, January 20, 2013


Dear Friends,

The C-RS is soliciting nominations for officers and trustees for three-year terms beginning after elections in 2013.  Candidates should meet the criteria listed below.  Voting and paying dues are the two most effective methods the membership has for affecting the direction taken by its leadership.  It is important that you give serious consideration to members whom you believe can make positive contributions to running our Board of Directors.  

Whether you are content with the current direction of our organization or would like to see new approaches attempted, this nomination process is of the utmost importance.  

Please note that nominations must be received not later than February 2, 2013.  They may be submitted electronically or via the postal system but must be received by that date.  Information on our by-laws and articles of incorporation may be found at or by contacting the Nominating Committee.

Following are the requirements set out by the Nominating Committee.    

Dear Carpatho-Rusyn Society Member,

The Nominating Committee is currently seeking names of those members in good standing who you feel should lead our organization as a member of the National Board of Directors. When nominating a candidate, please include 3-4 sentences on what strengths the person brings to the position. Self nominations are welcome. All nominated persons will be contacted by the committee regarding their interest in being placed on the ballot.

The committee must receive nominations by: Saturday, February 2, 2013, 11:59 PM.
Nominations may be submitted to committee chair Christy Slifkey
via email at: (preferred),
via phone: 703.968.8192
or via postal mail to:
C-RS Attn: Nominations
915 Dickson St
Munhall PA 15120-1929.
(Please account for delivery time when submitting through postal mail, so it is received by the deadline.)

Items to consider, when nominating a member for a position on the Board, are that Directors must:
(1) be familiar and comply with the articles of incorporation, by-laws, policies and procedures of C-RS,
(2) fulfill their fiduciary duties to the organization,
(3) participate in fundraising for the organization,
(4) attend monthly board meetings

(5) actively participate in committees, and

(6) have internet access and be comfortable communicating via email and teleconference

The Board of Director positions we are seeking nominations for are:

President:  Chief executive of the organization having general day-to-day management duties; facilitates Board meetings and oversees committees.

Vice-President: Exercises the powers and duties of the President when called on to do so.

Recording Secretary: Takes official minutes of all meetings; maintains all corporate documents including meeting minutes, records and reports; provide notices and documentation as required by the by-laws or the Board.

Chief Financial Officer: Generates and maintains financial records; oversees budgeting, accounting, and investments; pays bills and invoices; responsible for filing taxes; custodian of contracts and business records.

Chief Financial Administrator: Deposits financial vehicles and non-financial valuable effects of the organization; maintains depository records; reports regularly to the board.

Chief Information Officer:  Oversees electronic membership records; supervises general mailings; helps the organization with its information technology needs.

Trustee (six positions):  Actively participate in day-to-day business of C-RS through fundraising and actively serving on board committees; audit the financial books annually.

Please contact me for further details or with any questions, at: or 703.968.8192.

Warm Regards,

Christy Slifkey
Nominations Committee Chair

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